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Awesome interview with free climber Alex Honnold Rock Climbing39s

Awesome interview with free climber Alex Honnold Rock Climbing39s


Alex Honnold, free climber: 'There are many places where you can fall to your death'

Staggering new photographs released by National Geographic show the vertical almost smooth rock face that Alex

Climbing a 3,000-foot cliff without ropes

Alex Honnold ascends El Capitan in Yosemite Valley in 2019′s Oscar-winning documentary film 'Free Solo.'

The ascent of Alex Honnold

Brad Gobright Is Alex Honnold's New Nemesis

See First Video of Most Dangerous Rope-Free Climb Ever (Alex Honnold) | National Geographic

Free Solo with Alex Honnold

Free Solo with Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold free soloing

Alex Honnold, free climber: 'There are many places where you can fall to your death' | Film | The Guardian

Image via YouTube. Image via YouTube. Rock climbing ...

Oscars: Free Solo documentary and how Alex Honnold climbed without ropes - CNN

Illustration for article titled Free Solo, The Alex Honnold Documentary, Is The Year&#

Alex Honnold (from his Facebook group page)

Just your casual weekend adventure.

Craig's Reaction: The Incredible Story of Adaptive Climber Craig DeMartino

What did you think?

'It's sort of the extreme': Free Solo's Alex Honnold on rock-climbing without ropes | Sport | The Guardian

Alex Honnold climbing on Separate Reality, a difficult over hanging roof crack in Yosemite National Park, California Picture: BARCROFT MEDIA/Jimmy Chin

Honnold was captured by a documentary crew

Alex Honnold during an earlier climb in Yosemite Valley.

Poster of 'Free Solo' - Rock climber, Alex Honnold, creates history becoming first and only person to free solo climb Yosemite's 3000ft.


Episode Artwork

Alex Honnold, free climber: 'There are many places where you can fall to your death' | Film | The Guardian

Illustration for article titled Hey Free Solo's Alex Honnold, is a hot dog a sandwich

Alex Honnold, pictured, climbed El Capitan's in Yosemite National Park following a route called

Anyone ever seen "free solo"

Adam Ondra: Salathé on-sight attempt and training for the Olympics 2020 |

Alex Honnold peers over the edge of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. He had

Photos of Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold's Most Epic Routes

5 pieces of climbing advice from free soloist Alex Honnold

'Free Solo' co-director Jimmy Chin, pro climber Alex Honnold, and Jared Leto demonstrate some of the techniques used in making the award-winning documentary ...

Alone on the Wall (Expanded edition) by [Honnold, Alex]

Clair Popkin, director of photography on "Free Solo," gets a shot of

Before Alex Honnold (wearing red) climbed El Capitan without a rope, he and


How Alex Honnold free solo climbed Yosemite's El Capitan Solo Climbing, Extreme Sports, Yosemite

The Hardest Rock Climb in Thailand


It took Honnold a year and a half to prepare for the free solo - meaning

Ashima Shiraishi: Rock Climbing's Media Darling

The Tim Ferriss Show with Alex Hannold

Just days after 2 climbers fell to death, 2 others set speed record up El Capitan | CBC Sports

'Free Solo': How filmmakers avoided killing Alex Honnold as he climbed

Photos of Alex Honnold's historic El Capitan free-climb will turn your stomach: Digital Photography Review

'It's sort of the extreme': Free Solo's Alex Honnold on rock-climbing without ropes | Sport | The Guardian

Honnold bypassing a party while free soloing the 5.10d corner pitch above the crux of the Regular North Face of the Rostrum, Yosemite National Park, ...

World-Renowned Rock Climber Alex Honnold Returns To Sacramento With A New Memoir -

Free Solo with Alex Honnold

Jimmy Chin on Instagram: "@alexhonnold composed and casual free soloing (sans cord) 2000ft above the deck on the Enduro Pitch of Freerider yesterday.

Here's a glimpse of what it Yosemite looks like from the perspective of a climber/videographer. (Photo: National Geographic)

On Episode 132, I sit down with Alex Honnold. You may have heard of him. He recently free-handed the El Capitan.

Jen ...

[Image] After climbing El Capitan without a rope, arguably the greatest feat in the history of rock climbing, Alex Honnold still didn't skip his planned ...

Initially, the documentary filmmakers, Vasarhelyi and Chin, did not intend to put the

A screenshot of Tom Randall from this video.

View video. '

Alex Honnold sits atop the summit of El Capitan in June 2017, having just become

Alex Honnold Wants To Save Our National Parks

Chai Vasarhelyi: On the Making of "Free Solo" with Alex Honnold - Rock and Ice

Alex Honnold standing in front of El Capitan, Yosemite, USA where, on 3

The last time I wrote about something climbing-related that made national news, I was critical of the hero-narrative being universally espoused, ...

Alex Honnold 'feels no fear' scientists say after brain tests, El Capitan climb

Alex Honnold and the world's first free solo of 1500-foot big wall Yosemite Climbing

How They Filmed the First El Capitan Climb With No Ropes in "Free Solo" | Vanity Fair

@PaulMRobertson and me on Moonlight in Zion NP 📸 by Jeremiah Watt

Capturing Yosemite's Superclimbers

Dream Street Rose

Alex doesn't yet have a strong commitment to extending his life

Use these tools, which were recommended by elite climbing coaches, to train your hands

The Peanut Gallery: The 50 Greatest Climbing Achievements...By Americans in the Last 25 Years

Episode #12: The "10-4 Rule" for Effective Projecting & Steady Improvement

Free Solo: a film about a crazy man shinning up a cliff face. The

Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay, Canada. Photo: Tim Kemple Source: The North Face. Chicks Climbing · Rock Climbing News

Alex Honnold

Inspirational Athletes - Free Solo Master - Alex Honnold

Free Solo poster (National Geographic/Jimmy Chin Productions)

5 tips to improve your outdoor photography (climbing edition)

Alex Honnold on some sweet crack Photo by Andrew Burr

Adam Ondra olympics salathè tokyo 2020 on-sight training

El Capitan rises 915 metres in Yosemite National Park in California. (Ben Margot/Associated Press)

One of the film's themes is the likelihood of certain death

EpicTV Interviews: Alex Honnold

Exploring the Beautiful Birthplace of Sport Climbing

1:37:50 hr

Alex on the Southwest Arete- this picture and a number of the other good ones are courtesy of Michael Pang. “

Alex Honnold

Here's a video of Honnold free-soloing El Capitan. He climbed this and Half Dome on the same day.